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Denver Window Tips

Window Replacement- Vinyl Window- The Right Options

Stellar Painting and Remodeling Replacing vinyl windows and looking for the right type and features that fits your needs can be challenging. There are some core features that you should look for in a good window.  The first, a strong frame that has good core strength, support chambers and will not sag. The second is the intercept system which the glass is attached.  A foam intercept system that will move well with temperature and does not conduct cold or heat is one of the best. Third, a quality glass package is a must.  A Lo-e Squared or cubed which is silver oxide cross-hatched on the third surface of the double pane glass facing to the outside of the window. This will maximize the reflection of heat back out of the house and provides for better insulation properties. Lastly, an extruded metal frame for your screens would be advisable over a rolled formed standard alum. More durable and less likely to bend or break.  Visit Stellar Painting and Remodeling’s Website!

Double Pane Windows With low-e coating on the glass can reflect heat back into your rooms during winter. With cold Denver nights, if you keep your shades pulled and your curtains closed it will help to reduce your energy costs by keeping the heat in. During the day, if you keep the shades and curtains open on the south side of your home, it will let the winter sun in! Find a contractor!

Replace your windows or not? If your home has single pane windows, as many Denver homes do, you may want to consider replacing them with double pane window with high performance glass. In other words, low-e or spectrally selective windows. You’ll want to look for windows that were actually built in the Denver area and that are gas filled with low emissivity coatings on the glass. These coatings help to reduce heat loss and help with your energy bill. Have more questions about which windows to purchase? Contact one of our pre-screened new window contractors and they’ll be more than able to assist you through the process. Find a professional now!