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Denver Landscaping Tips

Spring Clean Up

First and foremost, remove all the debris winter has left behind.  Dead branches that fell from a snow storm or leaves that were never raked from fall need to all be removed so the grass and plants beneath them can breathe.  Another cleaning task is removing the litter the wild winds of March blew on your property.  Trash and debris can make even the most pristine yard look a mess.

Once you can finally see your landscaping again, it’s time to spread some weed killer over your entire lawn.  Be sure to read the label and keep your pets off the grass for as long as directed.  A good raking can also do your lawn some good.  Even if you don’t have any leaves on your lawn, raking can help control thatch (a tightly bound layer of dead grass that builds at the base of living grass).

A good layer of bark (about 2 or 3 inches deep) can do wonders for the look of your yard.  Spraying your landscape beds with weed killer before laying down the new bark can help keep your yard weed-free through summer.  Also, be sure to take a shovel and turn your bark mid-summer to make it last much longer.

Once your yard is looking lovely, it’s time to turn those sprinklers back on for the upcoming warm weather and get out your favorite recipes for those summer barbecues!

Aeration and Irrigation

Thunderbird Design Time to schedule your spring lawn aerations and irrigation turn-ons.  Although it varies year to year, depending on the weather, but April is usually the best time for these services.  Appointments fill up fast, so booking early is highly recommended!  Schedule your appointment today!

Sprinkler Blow Out In Denver and Boulder, the time to schedule your sprinkler shut down is late August and early September. If you wait too long, sprinkler companies may not be able to accommodate your request. Blowing out your sprinkler properly every year is extremely important and will save you money. If you don’t, your lines may freeze during the winter and when you go to turn it on in spring, you may have quite the repair job to fix the frozen system! Make sure you unhook your hoses from the house as well. Leaving them hooked up over winter can also cause expensive damage when the water freezes from the pipe to the hose. If you have questions, make sure you call one of our pre-screened sprinkler companies that exclusively serve the Denver area and they’ll be happy to help you. Schedule your sprinkler system blow out!

Tree Trimming for Fall Trimming tree branches away from your roof will help to save your home from damage. If you’ve lived here for a full year, you know that Denver and Boulder weather is often unpredictable. Early fall snows, prior to the leaves falling can cause branches to become heavy and can fall towards your home causing extensive damage. Be sure to hire a landscaper with liability insurance as you don’t want someone getting hurt on your property! Check out our team of landscapers who have been pre-screened and call today to get those branches down! Find a contractor!

Fertilization Never know when to fertilize in Denver? For blue grass lawns, the end of August is the perfect time to apply your second application of fertilizer. If you find you are too busy to keep a schedule that will keep your lawn healthy and happy, please call one of our pre-screened landscaping companies in Denver and they will be happy to get your lawn green in no time! Call a qualified landscaper today!

Gardens Are deer munching on your beautiful flowers? Here’s a recipe that will have them eating elsewhere! Here in Denver, we are close to wildlife. It’s a blessing and if you like flowers, a bit of a curse! Here’s something you can whip up in your kitchen that may help keep Bambi at bay: Mix up 2 tablespoons of hot sauce, a few cloves of garlic, two raw eggs and two cups of water in a blender. Let it sit for several days and then put just a bit of the mixture on your pretty flowers!

Grass Stressed that your grass is stressed? Want a home spun remedy that is all natural? Try mixing up a cup of chamomile tea, a cup of mouthwash, a cup of chewing tobacco juice and a cup of shampoo with twenty gallons of water. This mixture will soften your soil and take care of disease too! Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side! Find a contractor!

Groundhog Problem? Groundhogs! In certain parts of Denver and Boulder, they are abundant! Groundhogs are cute, but if you have them on your property, you’d rather see them from afar! How can you get rid of these pesky varmints? Apparently, these fuzzy little creatures don’t like the smell of ground pepper! Just sprinkle it around their hiding holes and they should head elsewhere to tunnel and dig.

Bunny Problem? Bunnies, bunnies…everywhere! They reproduce like crazy, eat your pansies, eat your flowers and eat your vegetables. Have you ever noticed that if you send your dog into the yard that they disappear in a heartbeat? Well, you can’t have your dog standing watch all the time, but if you collect your dogs fur in an old nylon and hang them in several places in your garden, the rabbits will think your dog is standing sentry. There has to be some good use for all that hair right? Don’t have a dog, but still have bunnies? Mix a gallon of buttermilk with two cups of soot from your fireplace! Boil this mixture for 25 minutes and then spray it on your plants. May we suggest not spraying soot on any plants you are planning on eating??

Bugs eating your plants? Hot Sauce equals hot plants! Bugs! They eat your plants that you so tenderly planted and tended like you were creating a four course meal just for them. Well, if you have this problem, it’s time to head back to the kitchen. Grab a gallon of water, add two tablespoons of baby shampoo and one cup of hot sauce. Put in a sprayer and spray your plants til the plants are dripping just a smidge. Bye-bye bugs! Find a contractor

Common Pruning Mistakes:

Thunderbird Design Most people think about cleaning up their yards every spring.  Generally speaking, this is a good idea.  However, there are three types of shrubs that should never be pruned in the spring: lilacs, forsythia and viburnum.  Pruning now will actually remove all the flowers from these beautiful spring bloomers, taking away one of the great sources of color in spring gardens.  If you are unsure if you have these shrubs, or if you have any other landscaping question, please call one of Team Dave Logan’s pre-screened landscaping professionals.  They are happy to help you with your outdoor projects! Find a contractor