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Denver Flooring Tips

Flooring Tips

  • Be aware of the product you are installing into your home.  Going with the lowest price may leave you with a poor quality floor.
  • Make sure your floors are installed properly.  Even the most expensive flooring can look bad if installed incorrectly.
  • Get all warranties in writing.
  • Be sure to ask about any special care to your new floors.
  • Understand that with any flooring project, your house will be temporarily off limits, depending on how big your project.

Increase the Life of Your Carpet There are a few easy tips to help increase the life of your carpets:

  • Vacuum at least 1-2 times a week
  • Remove stains quickly by using seltzer water or white vinegar mixed with water.  Never dig or rub the spot.  Absorb as much moisture as possible.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned every 9-12 months, depending on traffic.
  • Have any pet accidents cleaned by a professional.
  • Place area rugs in high traffic areas, such as entrances and hallways.

Stop Stains Before They Start

Between all the different weather elements in Colorado, your kids, your pets, and just normal wear and tear, it’s important knowing how to tackle spills and prevent stains to keep your floors looking beautiful year after year. Here are three simple steps to treating stains before they set in: 1) Apply a wet, clean, white paper towel with cleaning solution. Then use it to dampen the carpet where the spill or stain occurred. 2) Absorb any excess liquid from the carpet by pressing straight down with a clean, dry white paper towel. Be sure to blot, not rub 3) Beginning from the outside of the stain, gently scrape the soiled area with the blunt edge of a spoon until you reach the center.

Choosing a Carpet How do you choose the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and budget when you are choosing new carpet? A lot has to do with your lifestyle. If you have high traffic areas, a looped Berber carpet or high twist frieze carpet might be the right choice. If you are retired and it’s just you and your husband, you could get an elegant Saxony carpet, but it will show footprints. Be sure you check out a sample of the carpet you are considering, in your home, before your carpet is laid and before you lay down your money! Choose one of’s pre-screened flooring professionals and they can help guide you through the process. Find a flooring company today!

Carpet Seams If it seems to you that seams are inevitable, you may be right. Carpet comes in 12 foot and 15 foot widths. Sometimes, you can find a 13 foot width. Unless the room you are planning on carpeting is less than these widths, you guessed it; you will have to have seams. If you pick a low profile patterned carpet, the seams may be more noticeable than if you choose a looped carpet. The ability to see the seams will all be affected by the texture, lighting, furniture and color of your carpet. Choose one of’s pre-screened flooring professionals and they can help guide you through the process. Find a carpet specialist today!

Hardwood Flooring Your realtor may have told you that you need to refinish your hardwood floors before putting your house on the market. Before you call to have your hardwood floors refinished, you may want to consider what tree species of wood floor you have, what color stain you would like to use and whether you want to use an oil or water based polyurethane. Do you want your hardwood floors to have a matte or shiny finish? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, a hardwood floor refinishing professional from can help! Measure out your floors and they can probably give you a round estimate for refinishing your hardwood floors on the phone! Refinish your hardwood floors today!

Wood Floors If you are considering replacing your hardwood floors, determining the species of wood in your cabinets is very important if you want to match your hardwood floors.  This goes for the trim molding too!  Most hardwood floor companies will be able to tell you what species of wood you have by testing it in an inconspicuous place.   Most homes in Denver seem to have Red Oak, but call a pre-screened contractor from and they’ll be able to tell you for sure! Find a flooring company in your area today!