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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional: Is a Professional Electrician Necessary?

Electrical work at home or in buildings can be quite tricky. For one, Electricity can be a dangerous force to work with and cutting corners can cause increased risk of costly future repairs can get incredibly risky if not done properly. However, there are Many DIY projects that require some electrician work so the question […]

Helpful Tip from

Always pay your contractor with your credit card!    At, we always have your best interest at heart, but you also need to be a safe and educated consumer. Final payment should never be issued until you are 100% satisfied with your service or purchase. Sometimes on larger jobs, contractors will require payment for […]

De-Siding the Right Look For Your Home

Learn the Basics About Your Siding Options There are many advantages to adding siding to the exterior of your home.  Many people enjoy its durability and the low-maintenance aspect compared to that of paint.  But how do you know what type of siding is right for you?  With all the textures, colors, and materials to choose […]

Lighten Up the Situation

Lighting upgrades for your home   If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your home, lighting should not be overlooked. Swapping out your old switch with a new face plate can be a quick and simple upgrade. But if you are looking to do a little more, here are a few ideas and […]

Winter Tree Care

Give your trees a little TLC during these chilly months…   Everyone loves a big shady tree on a hot summer day. But now that the temperature is starting to hover around freezing, it’s hard to remember these same trees still need some love. Following these important tree tips will allow your trees to thrive […]

Energy-efficient home enhancements for comfort, savings and style

  Conserving energy at home can be as simple as swapping incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or unplugging the computer when it is not in use. However, a home built for energy efficiency can have an even more significant impact on your family’s energy use. Taking a look at your home from […]

Get Ready To Rake Some Leaves!

by Dave Logan   It happens every fall: the dreaded task of raking massive amounts of leaves into piles and into what seems like an endless amount of trashbags. Raking leaves in the fall may not be a picnic, but once you understand what leaves go in the trash and what leaves can stay where […]

Winterize Your Home For $200 Or Less

by Dave Logan   Home winterizing is a “hot” topic this time of year. And an important one. There are many intelligent items on the “how to prepare for winter checklist,” but a lot of them are expensive. Don’t get me wrong: they’re worth the money. But today let’s discuss a few items we can […]

Storing Your Lawnmower This Winter

by Dave Logan   One nice thing about summer coming to a close? No more mowing the lawn! While it’s nice to throw the old mower in the garage for the fall and winter seasons, if you don’t properly winterize your mower you may end up with some hefty (and unexpected) repair fees come spring. […]

Five “Green” Alternatives For Your Home

by Dave Logan   Until very recently, it was very difficult (if not impossible) to find environmentally friendly products. Even harder was affording them if you did actually find them. However, today “green” products are rapidly becoming more mainstream as energy costs continue to rise. Check out a few of our favorite green products being […]