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11696 Shaffer Place, Unit 503
Littleton, CO 80127


Liftech Corporation

Serving the entire Denver Metro area, Liftech is not only a cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement, but a much better method for repairing sunken concrete versus traditional mudjacking.   Liftech utilizes polyurethane injections to raise and stabilize concrete permanently, while saving you time, money and the mess. Liftech specializes in:

  • Polyurethane concrete raising as an alternative to mudjacking
  • Raising, lifting and leveling of all types of slab-on-grade concrete
  • Void filling
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Sunken concrete
  • Sidewalk raising
  • Slabjacking
  • Concrete repairs


The earth’s soil is constantly moving and with freezing, thawing, flooding and drought, soils expand and contract, causing them to fail beneath the overlying concrete. Liftech stabilizes these soils and raises the concrete for a long-lasting repair that will last many, many years if not a lifetime! Liftech has the highest customer satisfaction standards in the industry and proudly receives A+ and 5 Star ratings from all of their clientele. Liftech guarantees your repair will look amazing and you will be thrilled with the end result! Call them today and find out how they are the best alternative to mudjacking in Denver!