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Denver Electrician Tips

Electrical Tips

  • Never run drop cords under rugs.
  • Check your smoke detectors twice a year.
  • Do not overload a circuit.  Also be careful not to use the wrong size breaker or fuse.
  • Only use the size and watt lightbulb that the light calls for.
  • Any expensive electronics should have a surge protector.
  • Older homes should have their electrical work evaluated for safety.

New bulb doesn’t work?

Piper Electric Co., Inc. My light went out, replaced the bulb and it still doesn’t work. Check the new bulb in a lamp that you know is working. If the bulb doesn’t come on guess what? Your brand new bulb is bad. Yes. it does happen. They get tossed around during shipping and or at home and the filament can break. Piper Electric Co., Inc.

Electrical Breaker Trip

Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric If an electrical breaker trips you should try to find out why before you reset it. If the tripped breaker won’t reset, or if you reset the breaker and it trips a second time you should STOP and call a professional electrician. Breakers should not be reset numerous times and may need to be replaced with over abuse. Again, a professional electrician in Denver or Boulder will be able to help get you on the right track. Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric

Circuit Breaker

Piper Electric Co., Inc. It’s a weekend, and I just loss power to my refrigerator and a counter outlet. Most service companies charge hefty fees for night and weekend work. Check your circuit breakers first see if they are tripped. If one is tripped, unplug the appliance and then reset the circuit breaker by taking it to the full off position then on. If the breaker stays on then plug in the appliance. If it trips out right away, or when the cooling compressor turns on then you have a bad appliance. If there isn’t a breaker tripped, go to an outlet that you know is working and plug in an extension cord, to connect the refrigerator. This should hold you over for the weekend, then you can get a service company on regular time and rates. Piper Electric Co., Inc.

GFCI Receptacle

Piper Electric Co., Inc. Bathroom Receptacle is out…wait a minute. So is the other bathroom. I looked at all the circuit breakers and they look ok. It is simply possibly a GFCI receptacle that tripped. Check around and see if you have a receptacle with a test and reset button on it. Simply press in the rest button and you should have power back on. If the receptacle trips out again, you possibly have something plugged in that is going bad or is bad. These receptacles keep people from getting shocked, and are in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, exterior outlets and unfinished basements. So check there first before incurring a service charge. They also make GFCI circuit breakers that do the same thing and protect the same areas. Piper Electric Co., Inc.